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Elementary Performing Arts

8/31/21 - 5/13/22

Instructor: Ms Samantha Gagliardi
For Grades: 3 - 6
Date & Time: Wednesdays 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Maximum Capacity: 30

Description: Musical theatre, drama, TV and film acting—these are just some of the many things we will cover in this all-inclusive program that will teach basics of every aspect of the performing arts including acting exercises, stage presence, improv games, and so much more. This class will be very interactive, including acting with classmates as well as home study on the many techniques and practices to learn from performing arts. There will even be an end-of-year production that others can come support and watch!

The elementary program will be different from the “Performing Arts” program in that everything chosen for them will be geared for grades 3-6.

Syllabus: The intention for this program is to develop an Literacy in Theatre, abiding by the Arts Standards in California. Developing literacy in theatre means discovering the expressive elements of theatre, knowing the terminology that is used to comprehend theatre, having a clear sense of what theatre embodies, and being able to reflect, critique, and connect personal experience to theatre. We will use the four artistic processes (creating, performing, responding, and connection) simultaneously in learning the craft. Students will learn a skill, apply it to a scene, make creative decisions while in rehearsal, think critically about their ideas, and relate their ideas to other experiences, contexts, and meanings. Some of the questions we will be answering will include: 

  • What happens when theatre artists use their culture, imaginations, and/or learned theatre skills while engaging in creative exploration and inquiry?
  • How, when, and why do theatre artists’ choices change?
  • How do theatre artists transform and edit their initial ideas?
  • Why are strong choices essential to interpreting a drama or theatre piece?
  • What can I do to fully prepare a performance?
  • What happens when theatre artists and audiences share a creative experience?
  • How do theatre artists comprehend the essence of drama processes and theatre experiences?
  • How can the same work of art communicate different messages to different people?
  • And more! 

Independent pay: Enrolling multiple children in this class? Please contact us (or use a different email for each child). Thanks!